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Welcome to CY Fitness

We offer Pilates: Mat work and Equipment Circuit classes. Stretch classes and a “Cardio" Flex and Flow Pilates fun class to music!!

Private, Duo and Group sessions available by appointment and easy booking online system.

NO MEMBERSHIP FEES! Casual classes and Multiple class packages to suit your needs!

  • MAT PILATES: This class is a Pilates Mat class of traditional Pilates exercises to strengthen the core and entire body and to work on posture and flexibility.  We use  a combination of accessories to modify or intensify the exercises: Chi Balls, Rollers, Magic Circles, Light Dumbbells, fitballs & Elastics can be added to every class in a number of different techniques to enhance your workout. Maximum of 8 people in this class: Bookings are essential.
  • EXPRESS MAT: Is an Power Pilates intense class to give you that full body workout in just 30 minutes to fit into your busy  schedule.  Once again we use a combination of accessories to enhance your workout.
  • FUSION: MAT & EQUIPMENT: This class combines Pilates Mat work and Pilates Equipment including Reformers and Wunda chairs so you get the chance to obtain a maximum workout using the traditional floor work  and the Pilates machines. This class is like a circuit class challenging your skill and co ordination whilst providing a full body and interesting workout. Suitable for all levels dependant upon a prior assessment with Angela or Cyriaque. Maximum of 4 people in this class: Bookings are essential.
  • FLEX AND FLOW CARDIO PILATES: Dance  moves and fitness combinations to fun and funky music to bring out your co-ordination & weight training ability and improve  upper body strength along with cardiovascular fitness. Whilst using lots of fun accessories! Followed by core strengthening, flexibility and floor ballet exercises




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